Abacoa Volunteer Council Meeting

Apr 3, 2012 6:00 PM

Need a new reason to volunteer? How about this! A recent LinkedIn survey found that one in five employers hired someone primarily because of his or her volunteer service!! This alone can make you stand out above the rest when on the job quest. Start investing in your community and your resume building by learning how YOU can help! Join us at 1200 University Blvd. suite 102 on April 3rd to see how you can make a difference. For more info, email Lindsey@abacoa.com

Thank you to our great Abacoa volunteers who made a difference during ArtiGras!

Cathy Cordell

Diane Patterson

Carolyn Callahan

Act McEvers

Ginny Higgins

Tina Hamor

Earnie McCarren

Lourdes Carasa

Alice Buydos

Andy Buydos

Hal Schiesser

Hidy Schiesser

Peggy Miller

Ruthye Plump

Alex Topps




Event Information

Abacoa POA Offices
1200 University Blvd., #102
Jupiter, FL 33458
561 624 7788

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