2014-15 Abacoa Community Garden Membership Application

Jan 1, 2017
Registration Closed

Welcome to the Abacoa Community Garden (ACG)!

The Abacoa Community Garden, which grows fruits and vegetables using organic and sustainable gardening principles, features a Sharing Garden, Individual Plots and a Children’s Garden. Everyone is welcome to join—residency in Abacoa/Jupiter is not required.

Interested in getting outdoors? Meeting new people? Showing your family where real food comes from? Come play in the dirt and help grow Jupiter’s first community garden!

As a member, you will be invited to participate in all Garden activities and will personally assist on a committee of your choice.  See committee options and descriptions below.


Annual (August 1- July 31) membership for the Abacoa Community Garden is $35 (individual / household) and benefits include:

  • Produce Sharing:  An opportunity to share in the fruits of your labor, literally!
  • Not Your Usual Saturday Mornings:  A relaxed time to stop by the Garden, see what's growing, learn from others, and help with maintenance activities.
  • Summertime Sunsets at the Garden (Wednesdays, late afternoon to dusk): A mid-week
    break to get outside with friends and do a little digging ... the perfect way to reset and
    finish your week strong!

If you are interested in becoming a member:

CLICK HERE to print and sign the Abacoa Community Garden Membership Agreement.
Your membership becomes active upon receipt of the signed Agreement, signed Liability Waiver, and Payment. ALL three are required for membership.

Agreement Options:

Mail:  Abacoa POA,1200 University Blvd., Suite 102, Jupiter, FL 33458

Fax:  1-561-622-8037

Scan and email:  AbacoaPOA@abacoa.com

Deliver in person:  Abacoa POA,1200 University Blvd., Suite 102, Jupiter, FL 33458

Payment ONLY Options:

Annual:  $35 (individual / household)


Click Register at top right corner of this page..

By Mail:

A check for $35 (no cash) made payable to the Abacoa POA,1200 University Blvd., Suite 102, Jupiter, FL 33458.

In Person:

A check for $35 (no cash) made payable to the Abacoa POA,1200 University Blvd., Suite 102, Jupiter, FL 33458.


There are a limited number of individual plots available to Abacoa Community Garden members for an additional fee for those gardeners who want to grow on their own along with continuing to participate in the Sharing Garden.  If you are interested, please contact Vickie Ambrosch at vambrosch@comcast.net for additional information and availability. 

You must be an Abacoa Community Garden Member in order to request an Individual Plot Membership.


The Children's Garden is an exciting opportunity for children to learn and play in their own garden where they can cultivate, plant, nurture and harvest their crops, during planned activity times on monthly Community Garden Days.  The special kid-friendly, Children’s Garden activities are held monthly on Community Day on the third Saturday at 9 a.m. from October through May.

Children 17 or younger must have a Liability Waiver signed by a legal guardian. Children 13 or younger must have a responsible adult with them at all times. 

CLICK HERE to print the Liability Waiver, sign and bring with you and your children to the Garden or when you come on one of the monthly Community Garden Days, we will have one for you to sign.


The Abacoa Community Garden has been prepared with organic compost and mulch and is irrigated with irrigation quality (IQ) water.  It is important to remember that, in addition to growing vegetables, fruits and flowers, we are also developing the Garden’s soil for future growing seasons.  As we till the Garden, the soil will improve and provide for better crops in the future.

The Abacoa Community Garden has made a commitment to organic gardening. We will:

  •  Use organic seeds and plants when available
  •  Use only organic compost and fertilizer
  •  Use only organic pesticides, such as NEEM Oil, and organic herbicides such as pelargonic acid, in the pathways
  •  Cultivate to discourage weed growth and manually remove weeds in the garden plots
  •  Use natural strategies to control insects such as selecting crops best suited for South Florida, maintaining healthy plants and discarding plants that are no longer productive, inspecting the Garden regularly, identifying any pests and using the best natural controls available.

Any questions concerning appropriate fertilizers, pest control measures and crop management should be directed to Tom Poulson (tomandliz05@gmail.com).


As a member of the Garden, it will be required that you choose a committee to work on.  As we are a community sharing garden, we as the community must all work together to make the Garden a success and to share in the “fruits of our labor”!

  • Garden Committees:Garden Planning:  You will assist the Planning Committee in implementing ideas for the different garden seasons.  This may include plant selection, layout, hurricane preparations, cultivation, plantings, sowing, watering and caring for seedlings, compost, irrigations system maintenance, weeding, light construction projects, etc.
  •  Garden Promotion:  You will assist in promoting the garden with other group members.  This may include handing out brochures, assisting at information tables at local gardening events, assisting with our monthly community garden days, etc.
  • Children’s Garden:  You will assist the Chair of the Children’s Garden at the monthly Community Garden Days from October through May.  This may include helping the children with a project, planting, cultivating or harvesting.

The Garden offers charitable and educational opportunities for all ages—including fun and exciting learning activities designed for children and adults alike. The Abacoa Community Garden is located in Abacoa at 1022 West Community Drive, Jupiter, FL between Allegro and LifeSong Community Church (west side of Central Boulevard).  We can't wait for you to join us!

A special thanks to LifeSong Community Church for providing a home to the Abacoa Community Garden!!

Event Information

Abacoa Community Garden
West side of Central between Dakota Drive + Indian Creek, Next to LifeSong Community Church
Jupiter, FL 33458


The following individuals and entities have helped make the Abacoa Community Garden possible:

  • Ajoc, Eduardo
  • All American Asphalt and Ryan Golf
  • Allegro, Inspired Senior Living
  • Art by Nature Garden Center, Tim Whelan
  • Denton Pond and landscape
  • Elkin Construction
  • Farming Systems Research, Nancy Roe, Ph.D.
  • Farris Farms
  • Food Island, Bob Statler
  • Hunter Irrigation
  • Kai-Kai Farm
  • Ben Klug, HOA President of Jupiter's Indian Creek Neighborhood and President of the Neighborhood Enhancement Action Team (NEATEAM)
  • Land Design South, Karen Bentz
  • Macaroni Kids, Palm Beach Gardens
  • Naked Lady Soaps
  • Palm Beach Gardens Community Garden, Eric Jablin
  • Pulte Homes
  • Solid Waste Authority
  • Town of Jupiter
  • Treasure Coast Irrigation and Landscaping
  • Valley Crest Landscaping
  • Waste Management


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