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This section contains interesting and fun information about Abacoa. Everything from official documents (pdf so you can print them) to links to helpful websites. Articles and pages of useful or just curious facts. Click on below to go directly to the page.

Official APOA Documents 

Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, Articles of Incorporation, and By-laws with Financial Documents
Board Minutes & 
CAC Agendas & Minutes
Board Minutes which are posted once approved (normally at the subsequent meeting), and Community Architect Agendas & Minutes.
Revitalization of
Abacoa Town Center

Learn more as the Abacoa Town Center Revitalization Project takes shaped. Working from renowned consultant Robert Gibbs' “Downtown Retail Planning Analysis & Implementation Strategy” to revitalize Abacoa's Town Center report.

This page is updated periodically. Please keep checking back.

Hurricane Preparedness Some helpful tips for preparing for a hurricane/storm, plus links to more complete guides with lists of supplies and resources.
About Us Contains information about the APOA staff and board of directors.
Links A page offers links to interesting sites. Sites for starting/stopping your utilites, governmental agencies, points of interest, hospitals. Check it out.
History of Abacoa Written with the assistance of the original developer Abacoa Development Company (special thanks to Nader Salour and Donna Cesaro). But, like all history, it is a work in progress. We welcome any contributions, especially pictures and old floorplans, etc.. Please just email them to or feel free to submit it on the Contact Us form
How to Hold Events in Abacoa Explains the various venues that are available and procedures. 

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