BOOK BY BOB FOSSE, FRED EBB MUSIC BY JOHN KANDER LYRICS BY FRED EBB Brimming with murder, desire, and lust for fame, Chicago tells the story of rival vaudevillian murderesses, Velma and Roxie,

Piano Performance: Understanding Your Audience

In this concert/lecture, Bob Milne will demonstrate and explain why you like certain performances and not others. You will hear just how far someone can “push the envelope” before you decide to bail. Don’t miss this one! You’ll become musically energized with this knowledge.

Lunch & Learn - Guest Speaker Rick Gonzales Abacoa Community Architect

Happy Hour

Resetting the Immune System to Eradicate Melanoma

Dr. William Sharfman from Johns Hopkins University will discuss possible reasons why immune therapies don’t work in all patients and the unique side effects that immune therapy patients may experience.

Brighton Beach Memoirs
Brighton Beach Memoirs

By Neil Simon Centered on the relatable angst of growing up, Neil Simon’s Brighton Beach Memoirs follows 15-year-old Eugene Jerome as he navigates the waters of adolescence.

The Comedy of Alan King

This lecture will explore Alan King’s wit and humor through numerous audiovisual clips.

An Astronaut’s Life on the International Space Station

Be inspired by former NASA astronaut and Space Station Commander Terry Virts as he shares fascinating stories and breathtaking images from his time in Space on the ISS. A book-signing will follow the lecture.

Golf’s Most Interesting Characters Throughout the Game’s History

Listen to stories about golf’s game's greatest players and some you never knew existed in this one-time lecture.

The Cotton Club in the Roaring Twenties

Enjoy live piano music from the 1920s coupled with archival music and newsreel footage of Harlem during its glory days.