Free Concert: Greggie & The Jets – Elton John Tribute

About the Event

Internationally credited musicians who have played and recorded in many different countries, GREGGIE AND THE JETS is a band with a diverse set of talents.

      GREG VADIMSKY was a classical piano champion who became a pop/rock entertainer and went on to international success with many artists, with credits including The Orchestra, starring ELO former members, and Eric Burdon of the Animals. 

Greggie and the Jets has been hailed as sonically a re-create of how the classic recordings sounded. There are at least two changes of glitzy costumes, glasses, mohair suits and electric boots, however "the music is the most important thing, with the outfits just being the icing on the cake."--says Vadimsky




Event Details

Abacoa Amphitheater
1260 University Blvd. , Jupiter, Florida 33458

Abacoa Amphitheater

Abacoa Amphitheater

1260 University Blvd.
Jupiter, FL 33458
United States