47th Annual JTAA Christmas Parade Happening in ABACOA! December 10, 2023

It takes a community to put on a community event so please pass on the word of this parade, share with a friend!



Q: When and where is the parade? A: The parade is on Sunday, December 10, 2023 at 1:00 pm. Parade Staging is in the UF Scripps parking lot located on Scripps Way (130 Scripps Way Jupiter, FL). This temporary location will only be used for the next two years and once the bridge construction on US 1 and the rearranging of our roadway is complete we will go back to our normal parade route on alternate A1A. The parade will step off and go north using the southbound lane of Central Blvd. We will pass Main St and University Blvd; the reviewing stand will be in the area of Promenade Way, which is in the middle of the parade route for logistical reasons, rather than at the end of the parade route, turn onto Frederick Small Rd and conclude at the Skate Park n Abacoa Community Park (ACP). (1501 W. Frederick Small Road Jupiter FL

Q: What is the 2023 parade Theme? A: “Zoo Animal Christmas” - Catch everyone off guard with all types of animals in costume. You can have a bear only float with bears preparing for Christmas. Gear up a group dressed in gorilla costumes on roller blades performing along the parade
route. A float with funny/crazy Christmas monkeys wreaking havoc wrapping presents may provide laughter for everyone. Q: Who puts on the parade? A: The Jupiter Tequesta Athletic Association (JTAA) is once again sponsoring the 47th annual Christmas Parade, operated by a committee of volunteers. The committee works year round planning and preparing for this event.
Q: How do we get to this new parade route? A: 1 From Military Trail and go west on Frederick Small Rd. to Central Blvd South on
the traffic circle. Park on either side of Central Blvd South, and on both sides of Frederick Small Rd from the Skate Park in Abacoa Community Park (ACP) to the traffic circle. 2 From Donald Ross Road Take Central Blvd. North. go west on Frederick Small Rd. to Central Blvd South on the traffic circle. Park on either side of Central Blvd South, and on both sides of Frederick Small Rd from the Skate Park in Abacoa Community Park (ACP) to the traffic circle.
Q: Can anyone enter in the parade? A: Yes. The parade is open to all people, groups, organizations and businesses in the
community. The parade is designed as a community and family event. However, the Parade Committee reserves the right to refuse an entry if it is deemed unsuitable, or in direct competition with the organizing sponsor. Q : I s there a n entry fee?  A: Yes, A new unwrapped toy (or toys, shop with your heart) to be donated to the US Marines TOYS FOR TOTS is required. For large groups 1 toy for every 10 participants is suggested. All toys will be collected in the staging area.
Q: Can I display my company sign?  A: Yes. Feel free to decorate your business or private vehicle.
Q: How long does the parade last? A: Approximately 1½ to 2 hours from any given point.
Q: What is the distance of the parade? A: Approximately 1½ miles in length.

Q: What is the deadline for filing an entry application for our organization? A: Registration deadline Friday, November 10th .
Q: Who is this year’s Grand Marshal? A: This year's Grand Marshall has not yet been chosen.
Q: Where is the judging stand? A: The judging stand is located on the east side of Central Blvd South and Promenade Way.
Q: Do I have to have a float to be in the parade? A: NO. All walkers, people on bikes or riding in cars are welcome.
Q: Is there parking designated for parade entries? A: Yes. There is parking in the UF Scripps parking lot.
Q: When do we line-up for the parade? A: Staging will take place in the UF Scripps parking lot, 130 Scripps Way Jupiter, FL. Staging begins at 11:00 AM for those needing a little extra time for set up. All floats to be judged MUST be in place by 12 noon!

Q: If we are participating how do we get to the staging area? A: 1. From Military Trail and go west on Frederick Small Rd. to Central Blvd South on the traffic circle. Continue south, pass Promenade Way, pass University Blvd and Main Street, turn on Scripps Way. (130 Scripps Way, Jupiter, FL)
2. From Donald Ross Road Take Central Blvd. North. At the traffic circle take the 3rd exit onto Scripps Way. (130 Scripps Way, Jupiter, FL) 3. Look for signs on Scripps Way for the staging area.
Q: Our entry is a children’s group, can their parents walk along side during the parade? A: Yes.
Q: Where should I drop off my children and pick them up? A: Coordinate a drop off and pick up location with the person organizing your entry.
Q: We are in the parade. How do we get back to the beginning of the parade route? A: Coordinate this with the person organizing your entry.

Q: Can I add music to my display? A: By all means. Music can add a lot to the display. A live performance, e.g. a choral group, would be great. or you could use recorded seasonal music.
Q: Will free water be available? A: No. Bring your own along with sunscreen and other protection from the sun.
Q: What is the alcohol policy for the parade? A: Per Town and Village ordinances, alcohol is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
Q: Can we “tailgate” along the parade route? A: The parade committee is not responsible for the areas surrounding or near the
parade route. Remember, it is important you follow all the rules and regulations regarding alcohol consumption or general “tailgating” activities. It is always best to check with the Jupiter Police Department to ensure you and your guests will have a
safe and happy parade day! Please leave the area neat & clean.
Q: I registered for the parade. When can I expect to receive confirmation? A: Conformation of your participation will be sent (by e-mail) within a few days from receiving your registration. If you do not receive confirmation, please contact us for further information. 561 373-7414
Q: Will there be bathrooms available? A: Portable restrooms are available in the Staging area (UF Scripps parking lot), also at Reviewing Stand.
Q: Can I hand out literature or candy, etc.? A: Tossing of any items, including candy is prohibited. Due to safety precautions, tossing of candy or any items is not encouraged. Walkers may distribute candy or other novelty items directly to curbside viewers. For safety reasons, any activity
that entices spectators to enter the Parade route is prohibited. Children do not always look before running out to get a piece of stray candy; they could reach under a float, or run in front of a car, etc.
Q: Is there is size limit on the floats we may enter? A: No. You will specify the size of the entry on the registration form.
Q: Is there a float height restriction? A: YES Portions of the parade route contain low hanging tree limbs; please limit your highest point to 12 feet. (ground to top of highest point)

Q: What types of vehicles are allowed in the parade? A: Business or private cars, bicycles, scooters, motorbikes, flat bed floats — or your own two feet! Anyone is welcome to be a part of the parade.
Q: How often can we perform along the parade route? A: The parade will be in a residential area, so for the foreseeable future, until the
bridge construction is completed, bands cheer groups, performing arts, or any other group performance that can be performed during continuous movement is acceptable and encouraged. ANY performance that WILL NOT be in motion is PROHIBITED! This is the only way I can keep the parade moving, and not disturb the standard of living in the Abacoa area.
Q: Where is the end of the parade? A: The parade will turn onto Frederick Small Rd and conclude at the Skate Park in Abacoa Community Park (ACP). (1501 W. Frederick Small Road)

Q: Where is the best place to pick up my child? A: The Skate Park in Abacoa Community Park (ACP), off Frederick Small Rd.(1501 W. Frederick Small Jupiter FL)
Q: Can my group stop and perform in front of the reviewing stand? A: Due to logistical reasons, NO stopping and performing in front of the reviewing stand. ANY performance that WILL NOT be in continuous motion is PROHIBITED! This is the only way I can keep the parade moving, and not disturb the standard of living in the Abacoa area.
Q: Can I include animals in my Parade Entry?
A: We do welcome animals within the following parameters for the health and safety of participants. Animals must remain 100% supervised and "contained" by leash, cage, or rider/reigns at ALL TIMES. All parade entries with animals must comply with the Municipality’s “pooper scooper” ordinance. Large animals must be diapered or someone within the unit must be designated to properly deal with animal waste. Any violation of the “pooper scooper” ordinance is the sole responsibility of the organization responsible for bringing the animals to the parade.

Q: When can I find out my assigned Parade #? A: There will be a MANDATORY MEETING: All entries MUST send at least one representative. On Monday, December 4th at 7:00 pm at the Jupiter Community Center (200 Military Trail) for the purpose of passing out parade line-up information and to clarify all aspects of the parade. You have plenty of time from now until meeting date to clear your schedule or assign a representative to
attend! ...NO EXCUSES! Due to this new temporary parade route location, there is additional information to explain and visualize. We are all experiencing this for the FIRST time.
Q: How is placement in the parade determined? A: There is a protocol for placement. We try to place entries according to date their application is received, and try to spread similar type units evenly throughout the parade. We also try to make sure performing units are spaced throughout the
parade, and try to place units playing music in between units that do not play music or make noise. If you have a special request for placement, please let me know. I will make every effort to accommodate your needs.
Q: What happens if it rains? A: The parade will only be canceled due to heavy rains. If the event is canceled it will not be rescheduled. Cancellation information will be available after 11:00 am the day of the event by calling (561) 746-1722.
Q: When will Prize Winners be announced? A: Completion of parade. Plaque plus prize money can be picked up immediately after the parade or at the Jupiter Community Center starting the Monday after the parade.
Q: What are the Prize categories? A: Prizes will be awarded as follows: Originality: 1st. Place Plaque & $100.00 (cash); 2nd Place Plaque & $ 75.00 (cash); 3rd Place Plaque & $ 50.00 (cash); Compliance with Theme: 1st. Place Plaque & $100.00 (cash); 2nd Place Plaque & $ 75.00 (cash); 3rd Place Plaque & $ 50.00 (cash); Best Overall Decoration: 1st. Place Plaque & $100.00 (cash); 2nd Place Plaque & $ 75.00 (cash)
3rd Place Plaque & $ 50.00 (cash).
What are the judges looking for? A: If you have a float this is what we are looking for: Originality: 1. What elements are ‘original’ about this float? 2. What materials are used in a ‘creative’ nature? 3. How are they ‘unique’ in their presentation? 4. Why does this unit ‘stand out’ more than other entries? Compliance with Theme: 1. Think how this unit considered the theme in creating their entry? 2. Does this entry ‘tell a story’ relating to the theme? 3. Can your ‘imagination’ tell you about the theme by looking at this unit? 4. Are costumes, if used, in alignment with the theme?
Best Overall Decoration: 1. What is the ‘Wow factor’ of this unit?  2. Does it meet ALL the above? a. Is it ‘original’ in design, color and features?
b. Does it present the theme clearly and precisely? 3. What features does it have the others do not?
4. What is obvious about the design, construction and presentation of this unit the others are lacking? NOTE: Performances at the Staging Area and Reviewing Stand ARE NOT
considered as part of the judging criteria. Judges will focus on your float and decorations to determine the awards above.
Q: Any Decorating Ideas? A: Build or borrow a float trailer (see sketches below) which will determine the size of your float. Floats have been built on trailers, jeeps, cars, even boats and barges. However, most floats are built on trailers that are 8 feet or less in width to allow for ease of travel to and from the parade route. Have a meeting with your float builders so that everyone can agree on a design. You can then split up the work: one group can be in charge of props or costumes that will be used on the float. Another group can be in charge of the lettering or signage that will be displayed on the float for your organization. Another group can be in charge of the frame-work used underneath the decorating materials. Building a float is a team effort, so make sure everyone understands their part in building the float. A great way to decide on a theme for your float is to start with the theme of the parade and use symbols associated with the theme. For example, if your parade has a Christmas theme, start with  basic ideas of what Christmas is best associated with:
1) Christmas trees (you could have a Christmas tree with flame-retardant flocking
on your float as a prop)
2) Christmas gifts (large presents on your float make great props and are easy to
3) Colors of red, green, white (helps with choosing the colors of your float)
4) Winter time/snow (you can use flame resistant white cotton-like materials, such
as upholstery stuffing, to simulate snow. These are available at your local fabric
5) Family dinner (a table on the float portraying a family gathered at Christmas
6) Santa's workshop (Children can be dressed as elves)
Get everyone involved who is building the floats' input on how the float should look.
Creativity is at its best when everyone has a say as to what the float should look
like. Write down all of the ideas on a chalk-board or large presentation paper and
agree to a design. Creativity is sometimes the most difficult part of building the
float, but it is also the most fun!