About Crime Stoppers of Palm Beach County & PBC Cruizin' for Crimestoppers

The Crime Stoppers concept originated in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1976. Its success exceeded all expectations. By the end of 1986 over 600 organizations were formed throughout the United States and Internationally. Although each operates independently, all rely on the original formula for success; that is the commitment and cooperation of law enforcement, the media, and the public to solve felony crimes and maintain caller anonymity. Today, there are over 1,200 Crime Stoppers organizations throughout the world.

Crime Stoppers of Palm Beach County, Inc. is a civilian volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created through the efforts of the Chiefs of Police Association and Crime Prevention Officers Association (C.P.O.A.) after hearing about the Albuquerque, New Mexico, program. Because of the interest of C.P.O.A. to utilize all programs available in the reduction of crime, the Crime Stoppers of Palm Beach County, Inc. program was formed.

The Board of Directors is made up of concerned citizens who actively help guide the program. They are directly responsible for all fund raising and the administration of the reward monies. The Board of Directors meets monthly to coordinate projects and review progress chaired by its President, Tony Genovese.

On September 9, 1981, Crime Stoppers of Palm Beach County, Inc. presented South Florida’s first crime re-enactment aired on WPEC, News Channel 12. A residential area in Boca Raton was the scene of a brutal murder, selected as Crime Stoppers case number one. Within five minutes of the time it was broadcasted, a phone call was received, identifying a suspect who committed the crime and at that time the law enforcement community knew it had found a powerful ally.

In January 1994, Student Crime Stoppers was originated by its founder, Sgt. Jim DeFago, this was the first “Student” program working off of the original adult Crime Stoppers concept worldwide serving 180 public middle/high schools, private middle/high schools, and alternative middle/high schools in Palm Beach County. You Can Help

Cruizin' for Crime Stoppers January 2023 Registration

Founded in 2011, Cruizin’ for Crime Stoppers is the sought after motorcycle ride in Palm Beach County. A 100 mile, fully escorted motorcycle ride takes riders along a relaxing, scenic tour throughout Palm Beach County.

From the start, Crime Stoppers of Palm Beach County has been hosting the event to raise money for the Operational Fund and build community awareness.

With almost 1,000 attendees this event doesn’t disappoint.  This event prides itself on making the rider happy.  When you show up on event day, you are greeted with music along with free coffee, soft drinks and snacks.  During the rest stop you are also given soft drinks and snacks and at the end, we serve a lunch and soft drinks and have live music! 

This event always rounds out the afternoon with great live music, raffles, and a great crowd at Town Center, Abacoa.