Cajun Crawfish & Music Festival

We all got a little CAJUN in our soul!

Waltzin’ or two steppin’, slo-rockin’ or swing, this Cajun music festival will have you off your seat and on your feet!

The contemporary Cajun music repertoire includes hundreds of traditional songs and an ever-expanding list of newer material. Because dancing is a vital aspect of local culture, Cajun songs are usually written based on waltzes and the infamous two-step. Cajun two-steps, in addition, may be played with a “swing” feel reflecting the historical influence of Western swing. Swamp blues developed around Baton Rouge 1950’s, with peak popularity in the 60’s generally has a slow tempo. Swamp pop came about in the mid-1950s. With the Cajun dance and musical festivals in mind, nationally popular music genres such as rock, pop, country, and R&B songs were re-recorded, sometimes in French. Old or new the music of South Louisiana has a sound that is known around the world.


Cajun music comes from southern Louisiana, and is a juicy gumbo of French folk music, Caribbean music, Scots-Irish Appalachian music, Indian music, Jewish-German music, and the Blues.  Typically, Cajun music will mostly feature guitar including steel and bass, button accordion, rubboard, triangle, and harmonica.  Other various other folk instruments thrown in for flavor can be the upright bass, fiddle, fretted instruments, bouzoukis, drums. Without the accordion, fiddle, rubboard, and triangle, many of them created especially for the musical world of South Louisiana, the music would not exist. And one of the reasons for its unique sound is that it relies on some of these locally made instruments.