Sloane Stecker Physical Therapy -Amending the perception of physical therapy: A Mission

Sloane Stecker started as a professional cyclist racing in the U.S. and Europe, and he wanted to change the world of rehabilitation by offering the general public access to the highest quality care that he had as a pro athlete.

Sloane Stecker mission is to provide the importance and  recognition that physical therapy is not only for all-star athletes or individuals recovering from an injury, but it can also be a catalyst to make you stronger in your daily life. A doctor’s prescription is not needed, at Sloane Stecker access is available for anyone who is looking to improve his or her physical strength and well-being!

By utilizing our state-of-the-art technology that measures your mobility, strength, range of motion, speed, balance, and much more, our team will test your progress from your first visit, with the objective to help you feel better and stronger, so that you can return to sport or daily activities.

Our professional team of therapists work with all ages: kids, adults, and seniors. They develop a specific plan for each individual, whether you are recovering from an injury, running a 5K, or playing a pickup game of pickleball, tennis, or golf. The safety of younger athletes is a top priority for our team – we offer onsite concussion testing and screening.  For improvement in specific deficiencies and problem areas, we offer expert personalized training curated to meet specific needs.

Since 1995, Sloane Stecker has offered the most advanced techniques and technology from around the world to improve your health and strength. We strive to offer the best care for all clients and will measure your progress objectively from your first visit.

The convenient Jupiter location in Downtown Abacoa is our second one in Florida and our fifth location in the U.S. We are also open in downtown West Palm Beach, NYC - Lincoln Square, Washington, D.C. and Westchester, NY.

For more information and an introduction to our facility, we welcome you to stop by our Jupiter location, give us a ring at 561-790-8256, or drop us an email at